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Comparison of lactational responses of dairy cows in Georgia and Israel to heat load and photoperiod


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The Effect of Extended Calving Intervals in High Lactating Cows on Milk Production and Profitability


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Interrelationships Among Ambient Temperature, Day Length and Milk Yield in Dairy Cows Under a Mediterranean Climate


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Increased weight gain and effects on production parameters of Holstein heifer calves that were allowed to suckle from birth to six weeks of age.


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Relationship Between Frequent Milking or Suckling in Early Lactation and Milk Production of High Producing Dairy Cows


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Effects of Body Surface Area Estimates on Predicted Energy Requirements and Heat Stress


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Extending the Potential of Evaporative Cooling for Heat-Stress Relief


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Forced heat loss from body surface reduces heat flow to body surface


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Upper Critical Temperatures and Forced Ventilation Effects for High-Yielding Dairy Cows in a Subtropical Climate


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Energy cost of activities and locomotion of grazing cows: A repeated study in larger plots


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Cooling Dairy Cattle by a Combination of Sprinkling and Forced Ventilation and Its Implementation in the Shelter System


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Management of Heat Stress to Improve Fertility in Dairy Cows in Israel 


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The use of pedometry for estrus detection in dairy cows in Israel. Journal of Reproduction and Development


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Measuring the Benefit of a Computer in the Milking Parlor - Yavneh Case Study


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Cow Body Shape and Automation of Condition Scoring  


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Designing the automatic milking farm in a hot climate


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Relationships Between Milk Urea and Production, Nutrition, and Fertility Traits in Israeli Dairy Herds


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Effect of Photoperiod in the Third Trimester of Gestation on Milk Production and Circulating Hormones in Dairy Goats


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Comparative Responses of Lactating Cows to Total Mixed Ration or Computerized Individual Concentrates Feeding


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Diurnal fluctuations in plasma ions and water intake of dairy cows as affected by lactation in warm weather.


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Blood Flow and Oxygen Concentration of Teat-end Tissue Before and After Machine Milking


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Milk Yield, Parity, and Cow Potential As Variables for Computerized Concentrate Supplementation Strategy  


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Periparturient Traits in Seven High Dairy Herds. Incidence Rates, Association with Parity, and Interrelationships Among Traits


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Graphic Monitoring of Clinical Conditions in Dairy Cows using a Computerised Dairy Management System


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Long-term effects of ad libitum whole milk prior to weaning and prepubertal protein supplementation on skeletal growth rate and first-lactation milk production


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Stochastic Models for Simulating Parallel, Rotary, and Side-Opening Milking Parlors


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The effect of manipulation in energy allowance during the rearing period of heifers on hormone concentrations and milk production in first lactation cows.


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Within-Day Feeding Behavior of Lactating Dairy Cows Measured Using a Real-Time Control System


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Water, sodium, potassium, and chlorine metabolism of dairy cows at the onset of lactation in hot weather.


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Effect of dexamethasone on milk yield and composition in dairy cows


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Effect of Nursing Management and Skeletal Size at Weaning on Puberty, Skeletal Growth Rate, and Milk Production During First Lactation of Dairy Heifers


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Lactation Potential as a Criterion for Strategy of Feeding Total Mixed Rations to Dairy Cows


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Dry Period Heat Stress Relief Effects on Prepartum Progesterone, Calf Birth Weight, and Milk Production פקס: 972-3-9564766 טל: 972-3-9564750 דרך החורש 4 , ת"ד 97, יהוד 5647003
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