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Endocrine Alterations Associated with Extended Time Interval Between Estrus and Ovulation in High-Yield Dairy Cows


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Associations Among Progeny Tests of Single or Pooled Lactations


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Prediction of Annualized Lactation Yield from Partial Lactations


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Factors Affecting the Rate of  True Positive Pregnancies Based on Routine Milk Progesterone Examination


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Comparison of methods for the synchronization of estrous cycles in dairy cows. 2. Effects of progesterone and parity on conception.


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Reproductive Management of Dairy Cattle Based on Synchronization of Estrous Cycles


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Role of tumor necrosis factor alpha and its type I receptor in luteal regression: induction of programmed cell death in bovine corpus luteum-derived endothelial cells.


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Induction of successive follicular waves by gonadotropin-releasing hormone and prostaglandin F to improve fertility of high-producing cows during the summer and autumn


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Factors Affecting Fertility of Dairy Cows in Israel


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Luteotrophic and luteolytic interactions between bovine small and large luteal-like cells and endothelial cells.


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Differential expression of ruminant ZNF496 variants: Association with quantitative trait locus affecting bovine milk concentration and fertility


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A genome scan for QTL influencing milk production and health traits in dairy cattle


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Estimation of Quantitative Trait Loci Effects in Dairy Cattle Populations


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Parentage identification in the bovine using "deoxyribonucleic acid fingerprints".


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Physiology and Endocrinology: Uterine Motility of the Ewe during the Estrous Cycle  


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Telemetry of Uterine Motility in the Cycling Ewe


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 An Attempt to Separate Ejaculated Bull Spermatoza into Groups in Order to Improve Fertility


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Administration of prostaglandin f(2 alpha) during the early bovine luteal phase does not alter the expression of ET-1 and of its type A receptor: a possible cause for corpus luteum refractoriness.


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Distinct cellular localization and regulation of endothelin-1 and endothelin-converting enzyme-1 expression in the bovine corpus luteum: implications for luteolysis.


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Hormonal regulation and cell-specific expression of endothelin-converting enzyme 1 isoforms in bovine ovarian endothelial and steroidogenic cells.


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A Whole Genome Scan for Quantitative Trait Loci Affecting Milk Protein Percentage in Israeli-Holstein Cattle, by Means of Selective Milk DNA Pooling in a Daughter Design, Using an Adjusted False Discovery Rate Criterion


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Molecular identification of adenylyl cyclase 3 in bovine corpus luteum and its regulation by prostaglandin F2alpha-induced signaling pathways.


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Hormonal regulation of messenger ribonucleic acid expression for steroidogenic factor-1, steroidogenic acute regulatory protein, and cytochrome P450 side-chain cleavage in bovine luteal cells.


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Changes in the Cellular Subpopulations of Peripheral Blood Leukocytes During the Reproductive Cycle of Dairy Cows


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Effect of calcium soaps of fatty acids and administration of somatotropin in early lactation on productive and reproductive performance of high producing dairy cows.


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Effect of calcium soaps of fatty acids and administration of somatotropin on milk production, preovulatory follicular development, and plasma and follicular fluid lipid composition in high yielding dairy cows.


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The Multifactorial Approach to Fertility Problems in Dairy Herds 


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A complete genome scan of the Israeli Holstein population for quantitative trait loci by a daughter design.


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A Polymorphism in ABCG2 in Bos indicus and Bos taurus Cattle Breeds


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Analysis of vaginal swabs for paternity testing and marker-assisted selection in cattle.


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Detection and Analysis of a Locus Affecting Milk concentration in the US and Israeli Dairy Populations


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Determination of effects of milk protein genotype on production traits of Israeli Holsteins.


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Factors Affecting Conception Rate of Israeli Holstein Cattle


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Misidentification rate in the Israeli dairy cattle population and its implications for genetic improvement


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Multiple quantitative trait locus analysis of bovine chromosome 6 in the Israeli Holstein population by a daughter design.


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Sire and Maternal Grandsire Effects on Calving Difficulty and Calf Mortality in Israeli Holsteins


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Comparison of methods for the synchronization of estrous cycles in dairy cows. 1. Effects on plasma progesterone and manifestation of estrus.


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Delayed effect of heat stress on steroid production in medium-sized and preovulatory bovine follicles.


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Effect of treatment with follicle-stimulating hormone or bovine somatotropin on the quality of oocytes aspirated in the autumn from previously heat-stressed cows.


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Immediate and delayed effects of heat stress on follicular development and its association with plasma FSH and inhibin concentration in cows.


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Improvement of quality of oocytes collected in the autumn by enhanced removal of impaired follicles from previously heat-stressed cows


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Genetic Analysis of Cow Survival in the Israeli Dairy Cattle Population


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Delayed effect of low progesterone concentrations on bovine uterine PGF(2alpha) secretion in the subsequent oestrous cycle.


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Two methods of inducing low plasma progesterone concentrations have different effects on dominant follicles in cows.


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Effect of feeding calcium soaps of fatty acids on production and reproductive responses in high producing lactating cows.


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Effect of dietary calcium soaps on milk yield, body weight, reproductive hormones, and fertility in first parity and older cows.


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A genome scan for quantitative trait loci affecting milk somatic cell score in Israeli and Italian Holstein cows by means of selective DNA pooling with single- and multiple-marker mapping


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A new approach to the problem of multiple comparisons in the genetic dissection of complex traits


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A simple procedure for obtaining approximate interim cow solutions from an animal model.


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Comparison of Multitrait and Single-Trait Multiple Parity Evaluations by Monte Carlo Simulation


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Detection and Analysis of Quantitative Trait Loci Affecting Production and Secondary Traits on Chromosome 7 in Israeli Holsteins


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Detection of Quantitative Trait Loci Affecting Twinning Rate in Israeli Holsteins by the Daughter Design


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Effects of Calf Value and Reproductive Management on Optimum Days to First Breeding 


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Effects of Days Open on Annualized Milk Yields in Current and Following Lactations


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Effects of Persistency and Production on the Genetic Parameters of Milk and Fat Yield in Israeli-Holsteins


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Estimation of quantitative trait locus allele frequency via a modified granddaughter design


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Factors Affecting Incorrect Paternity Assignment in the Israeli Holstein Population


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Genetic Analysis of Fertility Traits in Israeli Dairy Cattle


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Genetic analysis of fertility traits in Israeli Holsteins by linear and threshold models.


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Genetic analysis of the Israeli Holstein dairy cattle population for production and nonproduction traits with a multitrait animal model.


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Genetic Analysis of Persistency in the Israeli Holstein Population by the Multitrait Animal Model


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Genetic analysis of somatic cell score and female fertility of Israeli Holsteins with an individual animal model.


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Genetic Analysis of the Israeli Holstein Dairy Cattle Population for Production and Nonproduction Traits with a Multitrait Animal Model


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Inclusion of Partial Lactations in the Genetic Analysis of Yield Traits by Differential Weighting of Records


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Population-wide analysis of a QTL affecting milk-fat production in the Israeli Holstein population


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Power of daughter and granddaughter designs for determining linkage between marker loci and quantitative trait loci in dairy cattle.


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Quantitative trait nucleotide determination in the era of genomic selection


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Factors Associated With Low Progesterone Concentrations and Their Relation to Low Fertility of Lactating Dairy Cows


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Hyperthermia and Body Energy Store Effects on Estrous Behavior, Conception Rate, and Corpus Luteum Function in Dairy Cows


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Seasonal changes in bovine fertility: relation to developmental competence of oocytes, membrane properties and fatty acid composition of follicles.


Zeron Y. - Israel Journal of Vet Medicine Vol. 61 (2) 2006

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