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Effect of abomasally infused casein on post-ruminal digestibility of total non-structural carbohydrates and milk yield and composition in dairy cows


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Effect of feeding cows in early lactation with diets differing in roughage-neutral detergent fiber content on intake behavior, rumination, and milk production  


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Lactational response of dairy cows to change of degradability of dietary protein and organic matter.

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Use of nitrogen-15 determinations of purine nitrogen fraction of digesta to define nitrogen metabolism traits in the rumen.

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Short communication: prepartum photoperiod effect on milk yield and composition in dairy cows.

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Development of metabolic partitioning of energy in young calves


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Effect of the degradation of organic matter and crude protein on ruminal fermentation in dairy cows.


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Effect of Ratio of Roughage Concentrate on Glucose-Induced Heat Production in Sheep Rumen Fluid In Vitro


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Effect of site and source of energy supplementation on milk yield in dairy cows


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Effect of wheat silage maturity on digestion and milk yield in dairy cows.


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Energy Disappearance in Hindgut of Sheep


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Estimation of the digestible energy of ruminant feedstuffs by the combined bag technique.


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Monensin and growth hormone effects on glucose metabolism in the prepartum cow.


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Production and Health of Cows Given Monensin Prepartum and a High-Energy Diet Postpartum


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The effect of protein intake on performance of cows in hot environmental temperatures.


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In situ assessment of degradability of organic matter in the rumen of the dairy cow.


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In Situ Evaluation of the Ruminal and Intestinal Digestibility of Heat-Treated Whole Cottonseeds


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Prediction of Duodenal Nitrogen Supply from Degradation or Organic and Nitrogenous Matter In Situ


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Effects of Low Energy Diets Followed by a Compensatory Diet on Body Weight Gain and Plasma Hormone Concentrations in Bull Calves


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The effect of enhanced milk yield of dairy cows by frequent milking or suckling on intake and digestibility of the diet.


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Apparent digestibility of minerals by lactating cows from a total mixed ration supplemented with poultry litter.


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Availability of Macro and Microelements from Edible Domestic Waste Fed to Sheep


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Digestibility by dairy cows of monosaccharide components in diets containing wheat or ryegrass silages.


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Fate of Digesta Ribonucleic Acid in Small Intestine of Sheep


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Effects of hard fats on in vitro and in vivo rumen fermentation, milk production and reproduction in dairy cows.


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Leptin Affects Prolactin Action on Milk Protein and Fat Synthesis in the Bovine Mammary Gland


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Leptin Up-Regulates the Lactogenic Effect of Prolactin in the Bovine Mammary Gland In Vitro


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Adverse Effect of β-Carotene in Diet on Fertility of Dairy Cows


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Performance, Rumen and Blood Metabolites in High-Yielding Cows Fed Varying Protein Percents and Protected Soybean


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Digestibility of Edible Domestic Waste by Sheep


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Feeding of Pellets Rich in Digestible Neutral Detergent Fiber to Lactating Cows in an Automatic Milking System


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Feeding soyhulls to high-yielding dairy cows increased milk production, but not milking frequency, in an automatic milking system


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Effect of Water Extracts of Carob Pods, Tannic Acid, and Their Derivatives on the Morphology and Growth of Microorganisms


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The influence of recombinant bovine somatotropin on dietary energy level-related growth of Holstein-Friesian bull calves


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Regularity of dairy cow feeding behavior with computer-controlled feeders


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Comparative Responses of Lactating Cows to Total Mixed Rations or Computerized Individual Concentrates Feeding


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Milk yield, parity, and cow potential as variables for computerized concentrate supplementation strategy.

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Aminopeptidase N Gene Expression and Abundance in Caprine Mammary Gland is Influenced by Circulating Plasma Peptide


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Effect of ruminal degradability of crude protein and nonstructural carbohydrates on the efficiency of bacterial crude protein synthesis and amino acid flow to the abomasum of dairy cows.


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Effect of type of protein supplementation on duodenal amino acid flow and absorption in lactating dairy cows.


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The effect of roasting nonlinted whole cottonseed on milk production by dairy cows


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In vitro methods for measuring the dry matter digestibility of ruminant feedstuffs: comparison of methods and inoculum source.


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Vascular Sources of Amino Acids for Milk Protein Synthesis in Goats at Two Stages of Lactation


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Adhesion Mechanisms of Rumen Cellulolytic Bacteria


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Digestibility by dairy cows of monosaccharide constituents in total mixed rations containing citrus pulp.


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Digestibility by dairy cows of monosaccharide components in diets containing either ground sorghum or sorghum grain treated with sodium hydroxide 


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Digestibility by Sheep of Total and Cell Wall Monosaccharides of Wheat Straw Treated Chemically or Chemically Plus Enzymatically 


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Feeding behavior and performance of dairy cows fed pelleted nonroughage fiber byproducts.


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Lactation Performance and Feeding Behavior of Dairy Cows Supplemented Via Automatic Feeders with Soy Hulls or Barley Based Pellets


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Nutritional Implications Associated with Increasing the Fermentability of Straw by Chemical and Enzymatic Treatments  


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Monosaccharide digestibility by dairy cows fed diets high in concentrate and containing alfalfa silages.


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Effect of calcium soaps of fatty acids and administration of somatotropin in early lactation on productive and reproductive performance of high producing dairy cows.


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Effect of calcium soaps of fatty acids and administration of somatotropin on milk production, preovulatory follicular development, and plasma and follicular fluid lipid composition in high yielding dairy cows.


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Effects of high dietary crude protein on the characteristics of preovulatory follicles in dairy heifers


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The effects of live yeast supplementation to dairy cows during the hot season on production, feed efficiency, and digestibility


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Effects of Peripartum Propylene Glycol or Fats Differing in Fatty Acid Profiles on Feed Intake, Production, and Plasma Metabolites in Dairy Cows


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Effects of somatotropin and dietary calcium soaps of fatty acids in early lactation on milk production, dry matter intake, and energy balance of high-yielding dairy cows.


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Long-term effects of ad libitum whole milk prior to weaning and prepubertal protein supplementation on skeletal growth rate and first-lactation milk production


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Performance of high-yielding dairy cows supplemented with fat or concentrate under hot and humid climates


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Role of Peripartum Dietary Propylene Glycol or Protected Fats on Metabolism and Early Postpartum Ovarian Follicles


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The effects of live yeast supplementation to dairy cows during the hot season on production, feed efficiency, and digestibility


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The Effect of Manipulation in Energy Allowance During the Rearing Period of Heifers on Hormone Concentrations and Milk Production in First Lactation Cows


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Metabolism of water, sodium, potassium, and chlorine by high yielding dairy cows at the onset of lactation


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Effects of Extrusion of Grain and Feeding Frequency on Rumen Fermentation, Nutrient Digestibility, and Milk Yield and Composition in Dairy Cows


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Effect of the synchronization of the degradation of dietary crude protein and organic matter and feeding frequency on ruminal fermentation and flow of digesta in the abomasum of dairy cows.


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Partitioning of Amino Acids Flowing to the Abomasum into Feed,Bacterial, Protozoal, and Endogenous Fractions


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Expression of Albumin in Nonhepatic Tissues and its Synthesis by the Bovine Mammary Gland 


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Responses of dairy cows in early lactation to bovine somatotropin and ruminally inert fat.


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Desaturation and Saturation of Fatty Acids by Sheep Rumen Bacteria: Optimal Conditions and Cofactor Requirements


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Digestion and Absorption of Lipids and Bile Acids in Sheep Fed Stearic Acid, Oleic Acid, or Tristearin


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Digestion and Absorption of Protein Along Ovine Gastrointestinal Tract 


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Effect of dietary calcium soaps on milk yield, body weight, reproductive hormones, and fertility in first parity and older cows.


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Effect of feeding calcium soaps of fatty acids on production and reproductive responses in high producing lactating cows.


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Fatty acids, calcium soaps of fatty acids, and cottonseeds fed to high yielding cows.


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Formation of Octadecadienoic Acid by Rumen Liquor of Calves, Cows and Sheep In Vitro


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Movement and Absorption of Major Minerals and Water in Ovine Gastrointestinal Tract


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Production and reproduction responses by dairy cows fed varying undegradable protein coated with rumen bypass fat.


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Digestibility in Lactating Cows of Diets Containing Whole Pima Treated with Sodium Hydroxide Versus Akala or Pima Cottonseed


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Performance of high producing dairy cows offered drinking water of high and low salinity in the Arava desert.

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The effect of nonstructural carbohydrates and addition of full fat and extruded soybeans on the concentration of Conjugated Linoleic Acid in the milk fat of dairy cows


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Effect of Carob Pod Extract on Cellulolysis, Proteolysis, Deamination, and Protein Biosynthesis in an Artificial Rumen


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Mammary Uptake, Portal-Drained Visceral Flux, and Hepatic Metabolism of Free and Peptide-Bound Amino Acids in Cows Fed Steam-Flaked or Dry-Rolled Sorghum Grain Diets


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Portal Drained Visceral Flux, Hepatic Metabolism, and Mammary Uptake of Free and Peptide-Bound Amino Acids and Milk Amino Acid Output in Dairy Cows Fed Diets Containing Corn GrainSteam Flaked at 360 or Steam Rolled at 490 g/L


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Liquid Paraffin as a Digestibility Marker in Young Calves


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Stabilization of Returned Dairy Products by Ensiling with Straw and Molasses for Animal Feeding


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The quality of commercial wheat silages in Israel


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Effects of dietary fats differing in n-6:n-3 ratio fed to high-yielding dairy cows on fatty acid composition of ovarian compartments, follicular status, and oocyte quality


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Effects of increased supplementation of n-3 fatty acids to transition dairy cows on performance and fatty acid profile in plasma, adipose tissue, and milk fat


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Yield and Protein Composition in Cows Milked Prepartum פקס: 972-3-9564766 טל: 972-3-9564750 דרך החורש 4 , ת"ד 97, יהוד 5647003
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